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Welcome to Little Wolf Holistic, where we offer a range of holistic treatments to promote overall well-being and address the root causes of mental, emotional, and physical issues. 

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Bringing You the Serenity of Holistic Wellness

Little Wolf Holistic is a Wellness Studio based in Chesterfield, UK, that provides holistic treatments. Our aim is to lead others down the path of holistic wellness, whether you want to reduce stress, improve your sleep, or simply relax and unwind.

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What Our Clients Say

At Little Wolf Holistic, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. Our satisfied clients are a testament to our dedication and expertise. See what our clients have to say about us and discover how holistic wellness can transform your life.

Kim Louise (via Facebook)

"Loved my treatments tonight! Would recommend!"

Katie Hill (via Facebook)

"I’ve always been interested in reflexology but never had it done.

Booked in with Markeeta & had my session tonight.

WOW! It felt amazing. Not just that time of pure relaxation but I walked away feeling good that my body is healthy & feel totally zen!

We had a deep (confidential) consultation to start. Then I was load back in this most comfortable chair, with relaxing music and gorgeous smell around me.

Markeeta explained what was going to happen & if I felt anything to mention it.

All I felt was relaxed, I could have gone to sleep! A few twitches in my muscles & a sensation in my ear.

For someone who is highly ticklish, this didn’t tickle at all. I don’t know what magic Markeeta worked but it was amazing!

Can’t wait to book in for reflexology on my hands & then an Indian head massage!!

I will definitely be a regular customer, having my sessions to help with my niggles!

Today I feel like a little weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m in for an incredible nights sleep!

Highly recommend!"


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